úterý, října 17, 2006

Is this Grant McCracken fanship becoming unhealthy?

I have linked to McCracken's blog frequently in the past. And I suspect I will keep doing it in future. It is not only the sheer size of the commitment he has been putting in (over 700 posts yet!) but also the energy of his writing. By now, he might have become something of a mutant with his hands firmly attached to keyboard.

One of the more recent inspiring thoughts from McCracken's blog is the one about USP (unique selling proposition) and how it needs to be irrevocably replaced by something else. Marketers have yet to agree what this "else" should be, but the irrelevance of the concept of USP is flagrant. Also, McCracken offers a nice update of a notorious "law" in marketing - KISS (keep it simple stupid). He suggests that by dwelling on USP and similar snappy frameworks we are not making it simple - just stupid. I've been through this frustrating experience a couple of times this week already; and it's only Tuesday.